Your union while you work in Denmark



I hope your time working in Denmark will be a positive experience. It can be difficult to familiarise yourself with all the rules and rights that exist in Denmark.

The Danish Metalworkers' Union (Dansk Metal) has been working professionally to safeguard the rights and interests of its members for more than 125 years.

We therefore recommend that you join Dansk Metal – a strong partner to have at your side whenever you need help. Dansk Metal is a democratic association in which the members make the decisions.

We have 100,000 members in the manufacturing, building and construction, IT and telecommunications, and service industries in enterprises throughout Denmark. This brochure shows you some of the issues we can help with. We will do our best to ensure that the work you do here in Denmark is on fair terms and in safe conditions.

Yours faithfully,

Claus Jensen
Union President



As a foreign worker in Denmark, you have the right to the same pay and working conditions as Danish nationals.

In addition, your employer must comply with a large number of rules that apply to all employers, regardless of whether or not a collective agreement is in force at your workplace.

Collective agreements signed by Dansk Metal guarantee you good conditions for your work in Denmark. We train our own shop stewards and safety representatives, who work every day to ensure that their colleagues have good pay and working conditions.

Contact us immediately if you are in doubt about whether you are being paid enough or whether the rules are being complied with.


Where to find us

If The Danish Metalworkers' Union has shop stewards at your place of work, you can raise any issues with them. Otherwise, call our head office on (+45) 3363 2000



You have the right to an employment contract after you have worked for more than one month and if you work more than 8 hours a week.


The contract must state:

your name and address and those of your employer

the date your employment started and your working hours

wage/net pay and supplements

a job description or description of the work

the duration of the employment and rules regarding termination of employment

holiday entitlements

the terms laid down in collective agreements.

Contact us immediately if you haven't received your contract within one month or if you think your contract might be incorrect.



You have the right to work without risking your health. In Denmark, there is no additional payment for especially hazardous work. Employers have a duty to minimise any risks entailed by the work.

You must follow any guidelines at the workplace intended to ensure a safe and sound work environment and prevent accidents on the job.

That is why you must:

follow any instructions you have been given – and ask your manager for instructions if you have been given none

use the available safety equipment e.g. exhaust systems when welding, and lifting gear when handling heavy loads

use the personal protective equipment given to you

abide by the requirements in the safety data sheets regarding chemicals you handle

abide by the user manuals for any technical equipment

keep your workplace tidy and organised, especially in areas designated for transport

never take any chances with your safety or with the safety of your colleagues.

Ask the manager for instructions if you are not sure how to perform a task in a safe way.

Contact us immediately if you have an accident or if you have any concerns about your safety at work. We help our members to get compensation and to improve their work environment.



Free assistance with queries concerning:

tax, pension and holiday pay

pay and working conditions

termination of employment and ­industrial injuries



Most workplaces have health and safety representatives and a shop steward. They can help you with any problems regarding health and safety or regarding e.g. pay and working hours. Make yourself familiar with the representatives so that they can give you any necessary help.